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[06 Dec 2008|03:37pm]
[ mood | tired ]

i never knew the next time i updated this blog would be the outlet for my grief.

... my granddad went home to be with the Lord on 3.Dec.08

i have to admit that God has really provided me with the peace that i need right now.
it hurts so much realising that he has left us physically but we all know that he is no longer suffering and God's taking good care of him in Heaven.

One thing i am thankful for is the time that i got to spend with him since moving back from New Zealand exactly two years ago. I had two full years to get to know him so much more. Kong kong was a very private person. he kept all his thoughts and worries to himself - mostly cos he didnt want his children and grandchildren to worry about him. I find peace knowing that i had been there to help him buy groceries, take Mama out on walks, buy him food for tea break and just be there for a chat.

i watched from afar, how much he cared for Mama and that always brought joy to my heart esp more considering he doesnt express his emotions outwardly. he told me of how he was afraid that Mama would be bored and even offered to house Mama's sister from Malaysia to live with them as her companion. Mama would always brush him off saying that the Mahjong on the computer was enough to keep her busy and her mind active. I think now i know what he meant. He was afraid she would need a companion for when it was his time.

He was such a caring husband, father and grandfather - To all 20 of us.

Rest in peace knowing that you have taught us well - to love God with all our hearts, respect our parents and be the best that we can be.
i promised him that i would take care of Mama and i will honour that promise to you, Kong.

I will always remember your beautiful face.

All my love, xoxo

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it'll always be a home away from home.. [18 Aug 2008|07:50pm]
nursing a nasty cold and unexpected sore throat, i decided to skip yoga and end the day early - earliest its been the last 6 weeks.
i plonked myself toward a familiar face and tune on tele - Taste New Zealand. its as close to my heart as any show at the moment. i miss how i used to procrastinate with work and buzz myself into my mom's room and there she'd be enjoying her show.. i guess its somewhat lifted my spirits esp while being ill..

:) Thank God for the Asian Food Channel - Its brought me one step closer to the place i used to call home.
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[20 Jul 2008|09:45pm]

i havent posted in so long that i'd forgotten my photobucket password! now thats just shocking. i havent yet gotten past the 22 year mark. the birthday is a week away but i decided to have an early birthday dinner with the closer friends from this year. i guess as time goes by, everyone does their own thing and somehow go their separate ways and its hard to try and make it work especially if its overly one-sided.

so anyways, we had a lovely meal at Les Buchons around Robertson Quay. its a nice spot for a nice quiet meal, excusing the few oddly dressed groups starting their night at Butterfactory. it was became quite rowdy as we left around 1am. there was a huge brawl outside the club, vulgarities, swinging fists and raging male hormones. i was so glad that galvin was there holding my hand through that crazy crowd. i would have freaked if i were there alone!

it was an awesome night catching up with sam & jo and jess & vik. these days you rarely find couples that you really get along with so i'm really thankful for these crazy people :) leaving you with some photos from the night!

will try and post more tomorrow! :)
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happy feet [04 Jun 2008|09:37pm]

please excuse the grotty carpet..
this is what happens when you spend too much time talking about shoes w ur colleagues while at work!
it doesnt end there - we musnt forget the miu miu bags, handcreams, coloured contacts and health supplements..

yes we did end up buying the same shoes that very day.. and i may forget to mention - two pairs each.. *shame*
off to new zealand tmr for the wedding, lots of food and a HUGE family! 

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Privé weekend lunch [22 Apr 2008|09:15pm]

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